Dental Implants In Dallas, TX

Hermosa Dental & Orthodontics proudly provides the best dental implants in Dallas, TX. If you are suffering from the pain and embarrassment of missing teeth, our tooth implant specialists are here to give you the permanent new smile you deserve!

The Best Candidates For Tooth Implants

man with dental implants smiling with his significant otherIf you are missing one tooth - or a full set of teeth - chances are, you are a great candidate for dental implants. Whether your tooth loss is due to an accident, decay, an illness, or advanced age, our dental implant dentists have a solution that can be tailored to your unique needs!

Benefits Of Dental Implants

Dental implants are considered to be the gold-standard in tooth replacement. Here's why:

  • They are built to last a lifetime. While most traditional restorations, like bridges and dentures, require replacement, dental implants are designed with durability in mind. In fact, if you follow the proper care guidelines, your implants could last for life!
  • They rejuvenate your appearance. Tooth implants are designed with esthetics in mind. Our dental implant specialists will custom-shape and shade the dental crowns to complement your natural features.
  • They come with no dietary restrictions. Dentures and bridges come with a long list of dietary restrictions, but tooth implants do not! Enjoy all the foods you love without the worry.
  • They function just like natural teeth. On a day-to-day basis, dental implants require a similar care routine to natural teeth. Just remember to brush, floss, and attend your regular dental visits, and your implants will last you for decades to come.
  • They preserve your oral health. Did you know that tooth implants help stimulate bone growth in the jawbone? Implants are the only restorative solution available today that can make this promise!

How Does The Dental Implants Process Work?

Dental implants are ultra-durable titanium posts built to function as your "tooth roots" so that your crowns, bridge, or denture can stay permanently fixed and in place. Each and every tooth implant is topped with a luminous dental crown that can be custom-shaded and shaped to your liking.

During your consultation with our dental implant specialists, we will take a series of digital x-rays and examine your mouth, gums, and jaw bone. It is then that our dentists will determine if preliminary procedures, like bone grafting, might be needed before your dental implants procedure.

Hermosa Dental & Orthodontics offers a range of sedation dentistry options to help make your dental implants procedure as comfortable as possible. Before you know it, you will be eating with ease and showing off your new, luminous smile.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

diagram of dental implantsThe total cost of tooth implants can vary from patient-to-patient, depending on a number of factors, including:

  • The number of dental implants required
  • The selected dental implant system/material
  • If preliminary procedures, like bone grafting, are required prior to tooth implant placement

If you have dental insurance or Medicaid, out-of-pocket costs can be affected by your plan and the listed criteria as well.

At Hermosa Dental & Orthodontics, we make it easy to afford your dental implants. We accept a long list of PPO insurance plans, as well as Medicaid. We also provide discounts on cash payments and accept no-interest financing plans through CareCredit®.

Questions? Call today to speak with our financial coordinator.

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