Emergency Dentist Appointments In Dallas, TX


Emergency Exam & X-Ray

If you have experienced a dental emergency, call our Dallas dental office right away to schedule an appointment. We are currently offering our emergency exams for just $20 - x-ray included! Offer is valid for uninsured new patients only.

The expert emergency dentists at Hermosa Dental & Orthodontics work hard to ensure that your teeth stay healthy in between your regular dental appointments. Nevertheless, painful dental emergencies can still occur - even to patients who pay extra care to their oral health. When and if this happens to you or your family members, know that we are here to give you fast help!

Looking for the best emergency dentist near Dallas, TX? Call Hermosa Dental & Orthodontics!

If you experience a dental emergency, be sure to call us as soon as possible. If you need immediate attention after hours and are unable to reach our office during an emergency, dial 911.

Urgent Same-Day Dental Care - Open Late & On Select Saturdays!

woman holding her mouth in painWe are open late on weekdays and open select Saturdays, allowing you to receive rapid emergency dental care. Our modern office is equipped with all of the latest dental tools to address a variety of ailments.

We provide urgent dental care for:

Tooth Pain

Tooth sensitivity is a common condition, but if it escalates to tooth pain that lasts longer than a day or two, it's time to make an urgent dental care appointment.

Once in the office, Dr. Joshi will examine the area and take x-rays to make a proper diagnosis. From there, our staff will work with you to design a treatment plan that gives you the fast relief you deserve!

Knocked Out Or Broken Teeth

Did you know that a knocked out or broken tooth can result in a dangerous infection, affecting your total body health? If you or your child has been in an accident that has caused a chipped tooth, cracked tooth, knocked out tooth, or broken tooth, call us right away!

The American Association of Endodontists recommends seeing a dentist within 30 minutes of an oral injury occurring. Getting quick urgent dental care can save you from a lot of pain and potential restorative dental procedures down the road.

Broken Dental Fillings & Crowns

At Hermosa Dental & Orthodontics, we use only the highest-quality materials to fabricate our dental fillings and crowns. Even so, these teeth can still experience trauma or decay which could lead to cracked or broken restorations.

If your dental filling or crown breaks, call for an emergency dentist appointment today. The longer treatment is delayed, the higher the chance that your tooth could require more extensive treatment to keep healthy!

Dental Abscesses

Dental abscesses are results of untreated infections lurking just beneath your gum line. Not only are they painful and unsightly, they can become dangerous if left untreated.

During the examination, our dentists will assess the abscess and determine if treatment, such as an emergency dental extraction, is necessary.

Questions About Our Emergency Dentist Services In Dallas, TX?

Are you looking for the best emergency dentist near Dallas, TX? Hermosa Dental & Orthodontics is the top choice for speedy and gentle urgent dental care.

Call today to schedule your same-day appointment. Se habla español!

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