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Are you looking for the very best orthodontist in Dallas, TX? At Hermosa Dental & Orthodontics, you can get the straight smile you've always wanted from the dental practice you know and trust. We provide a wide array of orthodontics services specially tailored for patients of all ages, including young children, teenagers, and adults.

Concerned about the cost of your or your child's orthodontic treatment? We'll work with you to maximize your benefits.

Hermosa Dental & Orthodontics offers the following services:

Orthodontic Evaluation

girl with braces smilingAn orthodontic evaluation allows our orthodontist to get a full view of your or your child's teeth, jaw, and other oral structures. Following your thorough, yet comfortable, evaluation, our team will design a personalized treatment plan with a fair and honest price breakdown that's made just for you!

Traditional Metal Braces

If you or your child suffer from crooked teeth, crowded teeth, jaw problems, or a misaligned bite, our orthodontist may recommend traditional metal braces to improve the look and health of the smile. Metal braces are the most common orthodontic treatment option and come in fun custom colors.

Invisalign Clear Braces

Want a straight, luminous smile without having to wear the metal brackets and wires of traditional braces? Invisalign® could be the solution for you! With the Invisalign braces treatment system, you will get a series of crystal-clear aligners that are swapped out every two weeks, or as your teeth progressively straighten.

These clear braces come with a long list of impressive benefits, like:

  • Discreet design that is nearly invisible when worn
  • Removable for easy dental hygiene routines and meal times
  • A faster orthodontic treatment experience for many

Retainers And Post-Orthodontic Treatment

woman showing her clear alignersOrthodontic treatment doesn't end when you get your braces off! To preserve all of the hard work that you and our orthodontist did on your smile, you will be asked to follow a strict post-orthodontic treatment regimen. For most, this requires the use of orthodontic appliances, like retainers.

Lost your retainer? We can help! Just give our Dallas orthodontist a call and we'll help you get a replacement as quickly as possible.

How Much Do Braces Cost?

The average price of braces can vary from patient-to-patient and mainly depends on the following factors:

  • Length of treatment
  • The braces system selected (traditional metal braces, Invisalign, etc.)
  • Your dental insurance coverage

At Hermosa Dental & Orthodontics we pride ourselves on providing quality care at affordable prices. To do this, we accept most PPO insurance plans, as well as Medicaid. If you need extra help, we accept no-interest financing plans through CareCredit® - and we offer discounted cash plans.

Questions? Call us today to get the answers you need!

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